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Shiksha Veritas is the amalgamation of two words Shiksha and Veritas. Shiksha stands for Education in Hindi while Veritas (Roman Mythology) was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue. Veritas stands for Truth, Knowledge and Beauty.

We started our journey in the preschool educational segment in 2009 and have been educating and developing the children through passion and innovation. Shiksha Veritas is an initiative started with the motto of bringing quality education with a different approach to the traditional method of learning. We believe that children learn best by exploring concepts with hands on materials, play, exploring both outdoors and indoors and with a caring respectful behavior with peers and adults. Shiksha Veritas High School Pune thrive to provide-



Shiksha Veritas High School Pune (Self financed) is a proposed ICSE school with the aim of providing world class education to the masses at reasonable cost. The school was formed with a team of experienced professional from both academic and corporate world. The school is also a platform which we are trying to create for the children who are passing out from our Shiksha Veritas Playschools. The school is planned on the lines of a world class school in terms of infrastructure, curriculum, staff and the latest in technology. Our preschool curriculum is designed by an in house team of experts with more than 30 years of teaching experience in the preschool education segment. The curriculum is designed to stimulate and inspire the young minds with curiosity and make the most out of their experience in our playschool. The Pre school curriculum will be based on a combination of teaching methods by taking the best of all segments while upgrading to the latest trends in education by following Montessori, Project method, Play-way method, educational gaming and multiple intelligence. The primary section the school is proposed to be affiliated with the ICSE Board and the same will be followed in Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary. We have tie up with Global Classroom for the curriculum which is internationally recognized and have an approach based on systematic, scientific, effective and proven methodology. The curriculum has been test piloted in 38 countries and is a part of the educational system in countries like Iceland where the level of education is the top most. 200 educators from three continents have been involved in their research and development. Shiksha Veritas High School Pune is the best CBSE  Schools in Dhayari, Pune with a rightful education to each and every student on board. The reality of being the best CBSE schools in Dhayari, Pune is because of our regular case studies, best standard academic curriculum, play activities, extracurricular activities and many more social activities are done in our school. We adapt to children’s behaviour in providing and giving them the best education and also being the Top International schools in Pune, Dhayari as we provide education to the Top level Management according to International Standard Boards.

The idea of Shiksha Veritas blossomed from the need for quality education. In this pursuit to be the Best ICSE School in Dhayari Shiksha Veritas created the best of infrastructure and teaching resource.Today we are a growing school in terms of children and value added education we bring in to make Shiksha Veritas the best ICSE School in Dhayari. When we look at the top international schools in Pune, Dhayari, Shiksha Veritas High School Pune is the best gift a parent can give to their child. Not just for the infrastructure and the facilities but for the overall development of your children in terms of personality, leadership skills and making them a world citizen.

When we started the journey in 2009 we started with one playschool and the continuous support and encouragement of our parents helped us in opening two more playschool in Dhayari. The enthusiasm displayed by our teachers and support staff always gives a second home feel to our children. The children look forward to come to our school and enjoy the time with their teachers and friends. Our endeavour and the parents support have made us the Best playschool in Dhayari.  The same trust and support has encouraged us to open the Best ICSE School in Dhayari for all our kids so that they can continue with the same standards as their preschool.  This support and belief on us has made Shiksha Veritas the ideal destination for the parents looking for top international schools in