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Mission & Objectives of Shiksha Veritas High School

Mission of Shiksha Veritas High School

Shiksha Veritas is an educational institute founded with the intentions of providing a fair and rightful education to the kids from all forms of society regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, sex or marital status of their parents. To provide quality education enriching the lives of children, and the communities in which they live.

Vision of Shiksha Veritas High School

We believe in educating passionately with the right ethics as it is a significant change factor to keep the balance between aggressive competition and globalization. Today every parent has understood the importance of education and is from the different strata of the society but what unites them is the feeling for their children’s education. Shiksha Veritas High School Pune  look forward to bring in Quality education within the reasonable range of fees for the Parents.

Objectives of Shiksha Veritas High School

To ensure that the child leaves the school having the confidence to take up and excel in any field he chose as a career. Equip them with value education as self discipline, punctuality, fair play and industrious. Make them the transfers of Knowledge. Imbibe team spirit and holistic development through sports & co-curricular activities. Assimilate diverse teaching methods and technology to facilitate with individual learning styles. Bring in a sense of responsibility by helping under privileged and charity organizations. Facilitating them for life fulfilling career choices. Periodical reviews of all programs and procedures to ensure consistency and continuity.

Philosophy of Shiksha Veritas High School

We believe in bringing happiness in child to discover the world around him is an opportunity which we cherish. To follow a child focused approach wherein active partnership between parents, teacher and child is developed through an innovative curriculum that is age appropriate, effective and stimulating for the young minds. The curriculum which helps in providing all-round development of the child-physical, cognitive, social/emotional and moral. We strive to bring in the following steps in aligning them with the society. Indian Certification of Secondary Examination concentrates on the Vision and Mission of ICSE schools in Dhayari as having standard academia, regular notifications and also strict principles which allows our staff and parents to keep timely updates. The vision of best international Schools in Dhayari, Pune is to prepare students to understand and contribute in a highly changing society. The mission of top nursery schools pune is to bring an element of Happiness to school and nudge the growing experience in one’s life. This holds the vision and mission of Shiksha Veritas High School Pune move the air using wings. Shiksha Veritas High School Pune follow a combination of different methods for training the young minds with a curriculum derived from Montessori and play way method of teaching. We have included a lot of Socio dramatic plays, toys and equipments, dramas, puppet shows, teaching aids in the curriculum to make it a great learning experience for the kids.