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Dos and Don’ts

A copy of all receipts issued by the school should be maintained till the end of the year.

Ensure there is adequate balance in your bank account for the fee cheques to be cleared.

Parents should participate enthusiastically in events organized by the school. The parents need to pay the fine of Rs 500 per event in case of non attendance without prior notice.

The child has to be regular and punctual to the school. If there is any delay, the Head Mistress/Centre Head needs to be informed by the parent. Frequent late arrivals are liable for disciplinary action and the child can be asked to return home.

Every Child needs to carry the school calendar, dry snacks, water bottle and a pair of clothes to the school every day. All the belongings (School bag, launch box, water bottle, socks and shoes) that the child carries to school should be labeled by the parents.

It is mandatory to wear the school T-shirt, Trousers, socks and Shoes from Monday to Thursday along with ID card. A handkerchief needs to be pinned to the upper clothing.

The child will be handed over to the parent/guardian provided they have the identity card of the child.

On a pool-party day, the child should wear a swimming costume from home underneath regular clothing and carry a towel (labeled).

A doctor’s certificate needs to be submitted to the centre head by the parent if the child is suffering from any allergy or is undergoing any medication or needs special attention.

Do not send your child to school if he/she is unwell.

Please notify the school if your child will be absent for vacations as well as illness.

Only vegetarian food should be sent with the child for snacks, avoid junk food.

The school will not hand over the child to a new unknown person unless a guardian card is provided.

The child should not wear any expensive jewellery or articles to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings of the child.

If the parent wishes to celebrate the child’s birthday in school no return gifts or chocolates would be allowed. The parent could send an egg less cake.

Field trips notifications will be provided three days in advance and the signed approval from the parent is needed for the child to participate in the field trip.