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Shiksha Veritas High School Pune

Shiksha Veritas High School is the amalgamation of two words Shiksha and Veritas. Shiksha stands for Education in Hindi while Veritas (Roman Mythology) was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue. Veritas stands for Truth, Knowledge and Beauty.

Shiksha Veritas High School was established in year 2014 situated in Dhayari, Pune. It’s one of the best ICSE schools in Pune – Dhayari off Sinhgad Road

Shiksha Veritas Play School prepares students for asking questions, learning and gaining knowledge and developing thirst for more knowledge

Shiksha Veritas play School maintains an ideal Teacher-Student ratio and hence is able to provide best in class education. Being proposed ICSE board, Shiksha School is planned on the lines of a world class school in terms of infrastructure, curriculum, staff and latest in technology. English speaking teaching staff and upgraded computer lab shows the kind of atmosphere we have at Shiksha Veritas High School Pune. It has a plush play ground, auditorium, basket ball court, parking space etc.

Improving learning will require attention to many things, including Alternative Teaching Methods. Shiksha Veritas High School works on the basis of multiple intelligence wherein different innate interests of the children are taken care by various programs which will make them come out of their inbuilt inhibitions and fears.

Shiksha High School is known for its unique approach and an excellent designed academics. Maintaining an eco friendly environment Shiksha High School loves to guide students to maintain a balanced nature between academics and exracurricular activities. Shiksha Veritas High School offers a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular activities. Keeping in mind the discipline and cleanliness of every student, Shiksha veritas High school follow strict guidelines towards each and every rule as mentioned in the school academics. Spacious classrooms for students and also a good scope of technical environment, Shiksha Veritas High School Pune promotes follows the latest syllabus as per the Board of Education.

Progressive parents now-a-days are looking out for such teaching methods over and above conventional teaching methods and academics which would help their kids to develop skills which are required to stand out from the crowd & be a leader.

Considering all the above facts, Shiksha Veritas School has brought in some relevant in-curriculum programs for Primary Students which would provide a solid foundation for learning the language of Mathematics, Boosting self confidence and eliminating stage fear, Reading & Writing ability.

Benefits of Shiksha Veritas School

As talking about the benefits of Shiksha Veritas High School.

Why Shiksha Veritas School Pune



Shiksha Veritas is an educational institute founded with the intentions of providing a fair and rightful education to the kids from all forms of society.


We believe in educating passionately with the right ethics as it is a significant change factor to keep the balance between aggressive competition and globalization.


To ensure that the child leaves the school having the confidence to take up and excel in any field he chose as a career.